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A Halloween Murder

These are my 2 entries for the Halloween Showcase.

I built an abandoned warehouse and wrote up a story to go along with it. I tried to write it in a comic book/graphic novel kind of way. I don’t do scary/gruesome too well, so the story ended up too “cute.” But I hope I managed to capture some Halloween flavor.

Big thanks to jisgr8, Amoebius, CaliforniaBound, Mmyoko, and RalphaelNinja for letting me use their avatars in my little story.

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For Love


I’ve been working on a team build for a Siminterior Designs challenge.

You see, we all got too good at making things look pretty, so we thought it would be a REAL challenge to see how well we can make things look like crap.  So the challenge was to build a Haunted Mansion!

I teamed up with Okadoka, who did the building and exterior landscaping, while I focused on the interior.  It really was quite a challenge, but I am overall quite satisfied with how Winterhaven Manor turned out.

Click here for the back story of the haunt. Written by Okadoka!

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