Contemporary Oasis

Built on 500 Sunnyside Blvd for Build-n-Share’s Centennial Vale neighborhood. This oasis features a luxurious contemporary layout with a 2-story master suite, an artist design studio/loft, open living/kitchen/dining, game room, piano sun room, a green house, a 1 bedroom pool/guest house, workout room, laundry room, a grilling deck, and gorgeous views! Fully fenced in and totally secure for 242k simoleans.

This was built specifically in mind for my avatar, so in a way it reflects a bit more of my real design preferences. It is contemporary, but I tried to add a bit of whimsy and eclectic to make it slightly more organic.

I wanted it fully fenced so it would be useful for the celeb sims, but I admit I was worried that putting in such a large fence would take away from the views and making it more cold than I wanted.  I tried to soften up the fence with more landscaping, so I hope it came out ok!

Edit:  I forgot to mention that there is no CC objects in this build. There is 1 custom pattern that transfer. It’s the wood floors I used on the interior. I believe it was made by TnT_Terry and I’ve used it in so many builds, I know it’s completely safe.  There are a few store items, but not much.. so as long as you have all the expansion packs, including Generations, then you’re all set!

Download from TS3 Exchange

A quick note about the pool/guest house. I tried to decorate it so it has a refurbished look… like old furniture found and salvaged… giving a shabby-chic look.

Bottom Floor

Main Floor

Top Floor

Hope everyone likes! 🙂


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  1. Can I Have Your House Please =D !!!! I Love It =D ❤ Im a Sims 3 Player.

  2. That is so beautiful !!!!!!!
    Amazing work, thank you for this house. (:

  3. I would love to have this house but would love to have another download link since the exchange has not let me DL or upload any creations since last maintenence. Also, I would like to know what CC is included as i am very particular about which CC I use, ty! =)

    • Hi there! Here is the link to a mediafire download, but please note that this one includes my sim, which has CC hair. I am pretty sure the CC hair doesn’t transfer.

      As for the rest of the build, there is no CC in it whatsoever except maybe one pattern that transfers. As long as you have all the expansion packs, it should mostly show up. There are a few store items, but mostly decor objects.


  4. Hello, The link regarding the Chateau de Chisay is great congratulation. I am Alain The manager of the Château and will be very pleased to leave in this sister Château
    Kind regards

  5. this looks so damn amazing good 😀 how can i download it? Am I allowed to?

    • Feel free to download! The link for the exchange download is near the beginning of the post. Or if you would prefer to download it from Mediafire, I think I posted a link in one of the comments.

      Thank you so much for your lovely words! I am so glad you like

  6. Wow. Amazing. How long does it take you to make these houses?

  7. very beutiful and woderful cottages and site

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