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Contemporary Oasis

Built on 500 Sunnyside Blvd for Build-n-Share’s Centennial Vale neighborhood. This oasis features a luxurious contemporary layout with a 2-story master suite, an artist design studio/loft, open living/kitchen/dining, game room, piano sun room, a green house, a 1 bedroom pool/guest house, workout room, laundry room, a grilling deck, and gorgeous views! Fully fenced in and totally secure for 242k simoleans.

This was built specifically in mind for my avatar, so in a way it reflects a bit more of my real design preferences. It is contemporary, but I tried to add a bit of whimsy and eclectic to make it slightly more organic.

I wanted it fully fenced so it would be useful for the celeb sims, but I admit I was worried that putting in such a large fence would take away from the views and making it more cold than I wanted.  I tried to soften up the fence with more landscaping, so I hope it came out ok!

Edit:  I forgot to mention that there is no CC objects in this build. There is 1 custom pattern that transfer. It’s the wood floors I used on the interior. I believe it was made by TnT_Terry and I’ve used it in so many builds, I know it’s completely safe.  There are a few store items, but not much.. so as long as you have all the expansion packs, including Generations, then you’re all set!

Download from TS3 Exchange

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