Colonial Dreams

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve built anything. Building in this game is kind of an extreme thing for me. It’s either I put a lot into it or I just stay away from it altogether. It’s hard to build casually.

But anyway, here I am, with a new lot!  I hope you enjoy it.  It is a 4 bedroom 3 and a half bath colonial style exterior. Inside, I decided not to go completely traditional and used many transitional elements to give it a more contemporary look.  This spacious  house also features a large eat-in kitchen, formal dining room, piano parlor, great room, laundry room, powder room,  main floor master suite, a family/play room, and a fully landscaped yard with a hot tub, garden, and gazebo.

This house was built on 56 Brommer Drive in Bridgeport, but can sit on any 40×30 lot.  Per usual, I did not use any CC objects except for maybe 1 CC pattern that I use frequently. There are one or 2 store items, but that is it. The rest is all from the base game and expansion packs.

Download from the exchange

Download from Mediafire


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  1. Sooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for no CC!!!

    • You are so welcome! I know how lots with CC can cause a lot of issues, so I never upload lots with CC. I’m glad you like!

  2. This looks good :3

  3. Your builds are the best. I’m impressed 🙂 I’m downloading this one right now.

    I think I have potencial to do great houses too, but I’m too lazy hahaha.

    • Thank you! 🙂 I really hope you enjoy. It is super playable.

      I understand what you mean. It takes a lot of time to make things look good. When I actually play the game for real, I rarely bother to make things look as nice.

  4. Can you upload this on a different uploading site of some sort? 🙂 😀

  5. Gorgeous! 😀 ❤

  6. *blushes* I completely missed this, Anju!! It is stunning tho!! You and J, eh? *nugde nudge*

    • Nudges! Now I feel like I must explain. Mwahaha. Ok, so it started out as a genetics experiment because Ruthless said she wanted to see what their babies would look like after seeing them test so many of my houses. So in this build, I decided to just go ahead and see what would happen. But after she got knocked up, they were both shamed for having a baby out of wedlock! The negative moodlet was kinda severe so I had them get married hoping it would cancel the moodlet out. He was getting too chummy with the fembot anyway. But all that is kind of a wash now anyway since I created a new version of my avi, so both of them are kinda reset and are just back to being roomies!

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