Cottonmouth is my contribution to Sanshi Suimei, a Japanese-themed neighborhood. The house was built for O-Ren Ishii and her sim family.  My approach to this build was imagining what O-Ren Ishii would do if she were a sim, so some authenticity had to be sacrificed. Although I definitely did try to include a lot of authentic elements in the home that are feasible for sims, such as a lush courtyard with an arched bridge over a koi pond, tatami flooring in the bedrooms, and lots of wood textures. I decided not to use pagoda roofing because I usually associate that with more grander buildings such as palaces, temples, etc.

I typically don’t like using too many store items in my builds, but since this is a neighborhood specific house and most people who will download the neighborhood would probably have these sets, I decided to use the Zen Again set and the Asian Fusion set quite liberally. If you have these 2 sets, you’re pretty much covered. I also utilized items that came free from the store if you registered World Adventures, the free set from Lunar New Year’s, and the desk from the free Weba Yafoo set.

I spent quite a bit of time on this lot. I hope everyone likes!

Built by Anjubee for the Ishii family in Sanshi Suimei. 4 Bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, this traditional Japanese home has been simified with luxury modern comforts. At 186k simoleans, this house also features lush courtyard landscaping, a zen garden, a modern kitchen, tatami flooring in all the bedrooms, and a basement with a dojo, office, utility room.

Besides a few custom patterns, no other CC was used.

Download from TS3 Exchange

Download Lot from MediaFire


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  1. Absolutely stunning Juju – I love everything about it! Ok well not everything… maybe not the tiger skin sofa… 😉 Mu haha! But seriously this is a beautiful build bothe internally and internally. The cream and chocolate scheme radiates class, and you amazing decorating skills bring this to life.

    LOVE it! ❤

    p.s. Does the troll fancy the mouse or want to eat the mouse? 😉

    • lol, Alli! ❤

      No love for the tiger skin sofa??? Come on! It's awesome! hahaha! I just think every house should have some sort of unexpected touch. I've been dying to use a tiger couch for ages.

      The troll fancies Alli!

  2. Lovely !!! very pretty !! look my japanese patterns on my site :
    You can decorate this house !! Great work !!!

  3. Wonderfulll!!!
    I love it


  4. Stunning, fantastic, love it! Chocolate and cream… mmmm! This is so striking! A wonderful addition to Sanshi Suimei!

  5. Such a fantastic build Anju, a real gem 🙂

  6. Oh I love this house. I love japanese theme houses. I’m bookmarking it first. I just got the base game two days ago but when I buy the expansion packs later, this would be one of my favourite house.~

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