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His and Her’s

2 contemporary starters, each for under 16.5k simoleans.

These 2 lots were built on 10×10 lots and are meant to be placed right next to each other for that townhouse row look. They are mirror images of each other with most of the same objects in each, but one is decorated in more masculine tones while the other is decorated in more feminine tones. It was a little challenge to myself to see if I can make 2 unique spaces using the same space and same objects on a starter budget. I hope I succeeded!

No CC items or store items were used. Only a few CC patterns.

MediaFire Download (Both lots)

Download His Starter

Download Her Starter

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Some updates!

I am quite excited that my last build, S-Frame Modern, received a feature on TS3 website by the gurus. On top of that, it has also been linked on MySims3Blog and Sims3Updates, driving my traffic up to thousands in the last couple of days.

Because of this, I decided to do some appearance updates to this blog. I’m debating still whether or not I should just pay for a CSS upgrade so I have more options. I am trying to achieve a very minimal and neat look to the blog, since I want the pictures of my build to stand out rather than the design of the blog, but I am having problems finding a theme I like.

I’ll also be tweaking pages, depending on what sort of content I can come up with. I am thinking of doing a page just featuring my favorite interiors and a page featuring some of my fellow builders. I am also thinking about whether or not I should upload all of my builds onto Mediafire rather than just the TS3 exchange.

Anyway, this has been a boring post! Sorry! I just wanted to explain the mess if you happen to visit while I am changing things around.  ❤

S-Frame Modern

New build. I’ve had the shell of this built since last year and I’ve been slowly decorating it the last couple of months. The major challenge in this build was the lighting in the sunken living room. No matter how many invisible lights and ceiling lights I tried to place, it still was darker than it should be.  I got it to the point where it was tolerable, so it shouldn’t be too much of an eyesore. I was trying to go for a minimal modern designer look. Hopefully, I accomplished that!

Download Lot from TS3 Exchange

Download Lot from Media Fire

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Heather’s Place

This is my newest build. I felt a bit rusty since I haven’t built and decorated in so many months, but I was relatively happy with how this turned out.  Granted, there were many things I could have tweaked more, but I was so excited to have a new lot to share, so I didn’t dwell on it as much as I normally would.

This was built for a BnS challenge. Addict’s SimLibs challenge was so interesting and fun, I had to participate.

This is how my SimLibs story turned out and in turn, I ended up building Heather’s Place.

She walks in with her ( 3 ) sons. This ( suspicious ) family is your next project. Upon talking with them, you find the ( O’Hara ) family has lived in Sunset Valley for ( 33 ) years. After all this time in the same house, they’ve decided it is time for a fresh start. That’s where you come in.
“ ( 3 ) months ago,” she begins, “my sons told me it was time for a/n ( sweet ) house. I told them I wouldn’t move in ( 66 ) million years! Nope, not me!” She laughs, “I recently had a bit of luck and came across ( 99 ) thousand simoleons. So of course, here we are!”

“The house we had was ( 3 ) bedrooms. This time, we’d like ( 3 ). That should be a challenge for you. We want to make sure the bedrooms can accommodate the family comfortably. The boys are within ( 10 ) years of one another, so please keep that in mind as far as decor and needs. My favorite color is ( green ). The boys vary. I’ll let you figure out what works. I’d really love a/n ( serene ) ( white ) kitchen, and the boys talked about really wanting a cool ( library ). We have kind of a weird request. We’d also like exactly ( 3 ) ( yellow ) ( potted ivy ) /s. We’ll probably make ( 23 ) thousand more simoleons on the old place, so you can add that to my winnings for the ( clean ) total budget.”

You can tell she is wrapping up as she ( danced ) from her chair. “You are such ( introverted ) person to work with,” she says. “I hope you have an ( cozy ) day!”

Download Lot

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Meloire Cafe and Residence

I actually built this back in December, but I never got around to posting a blog entry for it until now. I’ve been on sort of a building hiatus for quite awhile now and I am trying to get back into the groove of things. I really miss building and decorating!

So may I present to you my Meloire Cafe and Residence…

Download Link

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