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A Marooned Dream

This is a lot I build for A Town for Tessa, a neighborhood project honoring the passing of a little girl who loved The Sims. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed early October. So the community over at the Creative Corner section of The Sims 3 forums decided to band together to build this neighborhood as a tribute.  If you would like to read more about it, here is the link to the forum thread.

Download Lot from The Exchange

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White Lotus Series: Mini Retreat

This is my first build after getting the World Adventures expansion pack. Since I had already toured the destinations briefly during the simposium, the urge to build won over, so I had to get a small lot in real quick before I fully started to explore the game. I just had to use all the new asian items!

I am planning on doing a series of builds in Shang Simla, China. I started small for now. The next one I build there will be a bigger courtyard retreat.  Anyway, hope you enjoy this little lot!

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“The Warhuse”

A Flip this Lot collaboration by jisgr8 and Anjubee. This is a lot we just finished for jklegendary. It isn’t up on the exchange, so the download for it is hosted by media fire. This is a huuuuge warehouse conversion on a 60×60 lot with 4 stories of living space. There are 5 bedrooms,… 8 bathrooms, an indoor pool, a giant media room with a 5-screen entertainment unit, a library, a 2-story art gallery, a gym, a collection room, underground garage, and a nifty zen garden feature in the entry foyer. Hope you enjoy the screens!

Architecture by jisgr8

Interior Design by Anjubee

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World Adventures Preview SIMposium

Wow. What a trip! It was quite an honor to be invited to this event and I thank EA for their great hospitality.  The preview event was on October 29th and 30th. It was 2 whole days of all that is good. Not only did they demo the game for us, they handed out little prizes to us throughout both days and we got to spent quite a decent amount of time at our own computer stations to peek at all the new things.

My favorite part about this event was something EA tried for the very first time: live social networking to the community. I loved being able to reach the community while I was playing, who were chomping at the bits to get more information about the expansion pack, and share all the information I could live via facebook, twitter, and flickr. I think this is a brilliant idea and I hope they do this for all of the preview events.

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