Extreme Movie Mansion

A couple of us from the Flip Team decided to do a collaborative project for Fidler’s Extreme Mansion Challenge. It was a huge undertaking and I think everything that could go wrong for each of us did, but we battled on and prevailed at the end!

The rationale to our build is that we wanted to utilize all of our strengths. We figured this type of lot would be the perfect fit for a project like this. Not only did we have SimEve’s machinima and story-telling expertise, we also had great interior designers who have their own niches, so we did our best to showcase everyone’s strengths.

Best if placed on 25 Summer Hill Court. At over 800k simoleans fully furnished, this extreme movie studio contains over 30 different sets and scenes for machinima and story tellers to use to create common scenes they may need for their stories.

Special Thanks!
We would like to give big thanks to jisgr8 and RalphaelNinja for taking the time to test our lot to make sure everything functioned properly. ❤

Some important notes:
Since this is a massive lot, please only play this lot if you have a relatively decent system.

No custom content objects were used. The only CC on this lot are patterns from each person’s own collection.

No premium store items were used except the ones that are FREE. Please take the time to download the free items if you haven’t before entering this lot.

This lot is fully playable as a residential lot. However, since this is technically a movie studio, many of the sets have objects placed as props and are for decoration purposes only.

Download Lot

Exchange Story (by SimEve)


Posted on October 20, 2009, in Builds. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. i want to say you guys are very creative wih all the houses i could never do anything this amazing you really did a wonderful job on these houses

  2. Thank you, Tabitha. 🙂

  3. heya. i really do love the lot and i downloaded it but im unable to load it. it keeps loading but never finshes. may i know how long it takes to load the lot like when i first place it. thanks so much (:

    • This is quite the beefy lot, so it probably wouldn’t load well on a slow computer/laptop. I have a pretty good desktop, and even then, it did take quite awhile just to place the lot. 5 minutes from what I recall. I’m so glad you like it and I hope you can get it to load eventually!

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