Chateau de Chissay

This is a loose interpretation of Chateau de Chissay, a chateau I stayed at in France back in May for a wedding.  It was gorgeous.  I am glad I have improved enough as a builder to even attempt it.  I have never built a castle before, so it was a challenge.  This lot is also my contribution to Sunset Impressions, a Monet inspired neighborhood by the members of Builders’ Boulevard.

This castle features 6 bedrooms, a maid’s quarters, 5 full bathrooms, entry parlor, throne room, study nook, dining hall, eat-in kitchen, enclosed courtyard, and an art gallery full of custom art I had my sim paint.  I know I am taking a huge risk with that as custom art like that don’t always show up correctly, but that space was challenge, so a gallery hallway was really the only thing I could come up with to fit the space.

This build took me a very long time as it did take me awhile to get it going.  For a week, I stared at a blank lot, trying to build, but I just couldn’t.  It took some encouragement from fellow builders to finally get the project going and to finish.  I am pretty satisfied with the final product.  I really hope you will enjoy it.  Please note that this version has absolutely no premium items.  I do plan on doing a version with premium items though as there are just so many appropriate items I could have used for this build, so look for it in the near future if you have all the store items!

Download Lot


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  1. Gorgeous! Perfect layout! The colors are amazing! Am I gushing? Oh well! I can’t wait to dl and find the goodies!

  2. Awesome awesome awesome!!!! You really made this lot shine girl as I knew you would from the onset.. I remember when you started with just the terra-forming and stairs up, I just knew this was going to be a piece of brilliant artwork…and I was right on target;o)You pulled it off with masterful skills and I am so waiting for the next one as I have all the store stuff, so please hurry.

    Hugs Terry

  3. Awww, thanks, you 2, for the lovely comments!

    I’ll get working on that store version ASAP!

  4. so this is where you are hiding out then missy…I love this build its absolutley gorgeous babe…fit for a princess!!!!! I love the that the layout is wrapped around the courtyard…I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!

  5. Wow, Anju, nice job!!!! The castle looks AMAZING, it looks like a ton of work went into this piece b/c there are so many little details. So this is where you’ve been hiding. Haven’t seen you on gmail for a while. hehe I just saw SIMS 3 for sale at Target for $39.99 and beleive me, if they had any in stock, I would have probably bought it. I love the fountain and the outside of this castle the most, though, each room looks gorgeous!

  6. Very impressive!!! Makes me want to become a princess… even though I’m a guy!

  7. Such beauty.. it’s flippin’ awesome!!! You are so good at what you do… literally amazing…

  8. Hi,
    I actually have a totally unrelated question (although I find your work seriously impressive). I apologize for hijacking the stream. I was just wondering if you could share with me your experience of attending a wedding the Chateau de Chissay. I’m getting married there in July and if you had some feedback on food or service or overall experience, that would be fantastic. Thanks

    • Ohh! That’s wonderful! It was truly a beautiful place and definitely the best wedding I have ever attended. Talk about a fairytale wedding… The bride and groom traveled by horse and carriage, the food was absolutely heavenly (fois grais overload!), and they also had an amazing fireworks display. Some of the rooms were quite interesting, while some rooms were a bit shabby, but the grounds totally made up for that. As for service, I don’t recall being particularly not pleased about anything, so I guess it was ok. I just remember they were pretty strict about meal times. If you didn’t come down before 10am, they wouldn’t serve you any breakfast. That wasn’t such a bad thing though as there was a nice bakery in town that was just a 10 minute walk away.

  9. ma tahaks seal sees mängida oma simsidega aga ma ei oska seda oma mängu tõmmata

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