For Love


I’ve been working on a team build for a Siminterior Designs challenge.

You see, we all got too good at making things look pretty, so we thought it would be a REAL challenge to see how well we can make things look like crap.  So the challenge was to build a Haunted Mansion!

I teamed up with Okadoka, who did the building and exterior landscaping, while I focused on the interior.  It really was quite a challenge, but I am overall quite satisfied with how Winterhaven Manor turned out.

Click here for the back story of the haunt. Written by Okadoka!

I did not upload this lot for 2 reasons.  1)  It was a team build  2)  I used a ton of premium content in this one.  I usually don’t, but I had to in order to compete!  If you really want this lot for whatever reason, drop me a line and let me know.

For more pictures and to see other challenge entries, visit  🙂

I am going out of town tomorrow night and will be gone for about a week, so I won’t be working on anything until I get back.  Until then, happy simming!


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  1. Hi there, I’d love to have this amazing lot in my game. Is that possible?

  2. Hi Fkst!

    Thank you for your compliments! Okadoka (the one who did the exteriors of this lot) actually just uploaded the lot. It can be downloaded here:

    I had to clear some rooms out a little and remove some of the premium content because we are currently using the build for a remodel challenge.

    Hope you enjoy the spooky lot! 🙂

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