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For Love


I’ve been working on a team build for a Siminterior Designs challenge.

You see, we all got too good at making things look pretty, so we thought it would be a REAL challenge to see how well we can make things look like crap.  So the challenge was to build a Haunted Mansion!

I teamed up with Okadoka, who did the building and exterior landscaping, while I focused on the interior.  It really was quite a challenge, but I am overall quite satisfied with how Winterhaven Manor turned out.

Click here for the back story of the haunt. Written by Okadoka!

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Some unique custom content

Hello boys and girls,

Just wanted to do a quick post to promote 2 sites.  They both are fairly new, but contain some truly unique custom content for your TS3 game.

First off, Nevar530, has his website up!  He was the one who custom made that beautiful white lotus tattoo for me.  On his site, you will find some tattoos, other fashion, and some truly beautiful skins.

SIMulacra and Simulation

Also, please check out Celithralia’s Daedal Sims for some great custom content as well.

Daedal Sims

She’s got a great Japanese floral pattern available for download in 3 sizes.  I’ve used these patterns in many of my builds.

Hope you take a peek and happy simming!

Tudor Family Starter

This is my entry for Week #9 of the Build-n-Share challenges, The Calientes. I went in with plans to build something with a Spanish/Mediterranean feel, but I somehow ended up with a Tudor instead.  I’ve been meaning to do a Tudor for awhile now too, so I just went with it. The challenge this week was to build a family starter on a small lot in Sunset Valley, so for optimal value, please place this on the default Spa lot in Sunset Valley on 240 Sunnyside Blvd.

Download Lot

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