Doublemint Compound

This has been a frustrating lot.  After coming up with a cute plan of doing 2 smaller houses, facing each other with a pool in between. I had my inspiration at hand and went to check out the lot I was assigned.  It turned out to be one of those cliff sloped lots in Sunset Valley, near the beach.  This proved to be a challenge since I did not have a flat plot of land to work with, so I ended up just building into the cliff instead.

Rather than treating this like a normal build, I treated this one more like an art installation and tried to get in a very 60s frame of mind as this build is for Builders’ Boulevard’s latest neighborhood called “Summer of Love.”  This lot will be uploaded with the Doublemint Twins I created.  There are 2 sets of twins in this household, Jayne and Joan… Joel and Jerry.  The 2 sets aren’t related to each other, so there are plenty of opportunities for romantic tension!

Download Lot


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  1. Encontré tu pàgina después de ver tus bonitas casas en el canal de los sims 3. Me gusta mucho , está muy bien elaborada. Soy española y no se hablar inglés. Uso un traductor on line para comprender este idioma.
    Vendré a visitarte de todos modos.
    Un saludo desde España.

  2. ¡Gracias por sus comentarios agradables! Estoy contento que usted disfruta de mis casas. ¡Espere que usted disfrute de ellos en su juego!

  3. I’ve decided to go on a download-anjubee-lots-spree. STOP ME IF YOU CAN, BWAHAHAHA.
    Cause your lots are easy to navigate in I think, and I’d been having some trouble lately in a couple lots (I actually used them and I was like AAAGH).

    • That means so much to me when people say that! That is always a big goal when I build. I like making sure everything is very playable. Thank you! ❤

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