Tutorial: Wrap-Around Porches

After I uploaded my Blue Wrap-Around Porch House, I was asked by a fellow builder to maybe do a tutorial on how to properly make a wrap-around porch.  I’m not much of a tutorial writer, but here you go, BECKYB576.  I hope you find this tutorial somewhat useful.

Let me start this tutorial by saying that you will need to know how to use the individual roof slope adjustment trick in order to do this, so before reading further, I suggest you take a look at one of the many roofing tutorials that is in the stickied thread “Building and Creating Tutorials”.  Roofing is tricky and it really does just take tons of practice just to get it down.

Ok, after you have an understanding on how to adjust individual roofs, please read on.

1)  Build your foundation and house.

2)  I usually do the porch roofing first, so to make it easier, place flooring on the tiles where you want to roof to go.  You may need to add a column or two to reveal some tiles.

3)  Choose the appropriate roof type.  In this case, I chose the “Half-Hipped Roof.”  Drag across the floor tiles so it covers all the floor tiles you placed previously.  Do not worry about the roof cutting into walls just yet.  You will fix that soon.

4)  The roof pitch slider defaults to the middle, but since that is way too steep for our porch, adjust the slider to the lowest setting.

5)  Now go to the 2nd story of the house.  You will see the roof that was jutting into the walls isn’t visible when you’re at the same level. Instead, you should just see the walls that were created by the roof.

6)  Simply remove those unwanted walls by either deleting with the sledgehammer tool or ctrl+drag with the wall tool.

7)  Now go up to the very top level and start placing all the other roofs.  Once you place roofing over where the roof cuts in on the 2nd floor, the offending roof will go away.

8)  This is when you’ll need to start using the individual roof slope adjustment tricks to get the roofs at different pitches.  Add and adjust until it looks right.

9)  After you finish the roofing, add in more columns, if needed to make it look more realistic and put fencing around the porch.

10)  Now you just paint on the siding of choice, choose roof texture that matches, add in stairs, windows, doors, and landscaping… and voila.

You have a house with a wrap-around porch!  I hope I didn’t make this process sound more complicated than it really is.  The hardest part about this is knowing how to place roofs and adjusting individual roof slopes, so if you have that down, this should be a no-brainer.


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