Sharp Modern Family

This was my entry for Week #6 of the Build-n-Share Weekly Challenges.  For Week 6, we had to build a house for The Sharps.  The requirements were an in-law unit for Derek Sharp’s mother, Loretta.

Family Wants

A single-story home

No larger than a 40×40 lot (upon further consideration, a LITTLE bigger is OK)

1 main home with 2 BR and 1.5 BA

1 smaller build with a little apartment for Loretta

The Main Home

Interior of the main home in shades of brown, yellow, white/cream, and purple (Special Note: (it says) please no gold. And try to use just these colors as much as possible. You can use them in any hues and combination that looks good to you).

1 master bedroom for Derek and Sheryl

1 bedroom for teen Latoya, with a small reading and study area

A little spot for Derek to exercise. Should be tucked away and not a focal point in the home.

The Smaller House

Apartment for Loretta (elder) with small kitchen, full bathroom, bedroom, and small sitting area for entertaining

An office for Sheryl

Between the two homes

A beautiful garden

A stone path joining the two homes

A small area for outside entertaining with a grill and a bistro table and chairs




Download Lot

I decided to do a modern build as I saw The Sharps as more of a hip trendy family.  I really struggled with it though and started over 3 times.  I finally just had to finish it out since I was running out of time.  I barely made it in by the entry deadline.  And because I had to rush, I didn’t get to decorate as detailed as I liked.


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  1. WOW.8O
    How long did that take you?!!

  2. Where does these Build-n-Share Weekly Challenges take place? It sounds like a lot of fun, and is there any possibility to join in?

    • Hi TSA! I’ll remember to call you that from now on. 🙂 I’ll change your link in a second too. But to answer your question about Build-n-Share challenges, take a look at the TS3 forums in the Creative Corner section. Up top, there are 2 stickies that explain what the Build-n-Share challenges are. We also just recently launched a website for the Build-n-Share group at Feel free to check them out! You’ll find a great community of builders there.

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