Contemporary Cabin

So… this is my latest build. I had a hard time naming this lot because I really didn’t know what to classify it as.. but I guess the best thing to call it style wise is something that’s contemporary, but with a cabin feel to it.

Anyway… for this build, I tried to deviate from my norm and attempted to do something more masculine.  I hope I succeeded, because in the end, the decor didn’t really hold much appeal to me as I do prefer dainty.  I’m hoping it’s just me and other people will like it!

Download Lot

Anyway, I hope someone likes this lot!  I’m going back to dainty builds…


Posted on July 6, 2009, in Builds. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I love it 🙂 It’s really well-designed! You’re awesome.

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