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Doublemint Compound

This has been a frustrating lot.  After coming up with a cute plan of doing 2 smaller houses, facing each other with a pool in between. I had my inspiration at hand and went to check out the lot I was assigned.  It turned out to be one of those cliff sloped lots in Sunset Valley, near the beach.  This proved to be a challenge since I did not have a flat plot of land to work with, so I ended up just building into the cliff instead.

Rather than treating this like a normal build, I treated this one more like an art installation and tried to get in a very 60s frame of mind as this build is for Builders’ Boulevard’s latest neighborhood called “Summer of Love.”  This lot will be uploaded with the Doublemint Twins I created.  There are 2 sets of twins in this household, Jayne and Joan… Joel and Jerry.  The 2 sets aren’t related to each other, so there are plenty of opportunities for romantic tension!

Download Lot

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Sunflower Estate

So I had originally planned to take a little break from building until the Summer of Love challenge. I wanted to play my legacy family. But when I began to play, I remembered they were in desperate need of a bigger house.  So I went to a 40 x 40 lot to do a test build to see how much I can build for what they currently have.  I also wanted to try a few other tricks too.  In the end, I ended up with my wrap-around porch tutorial and I liked what I built enough to finish it off, adding tons of touches to it.

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This medium-sized estate is perfect for the large sim family looking for space, but don’t want to sacrifice the cozy feel of a home. This estate features 5 spacious bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms. 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom is located near the back of the house as the retirement suite for elderly sims. Other features include a spacious eat-in kitchen, formal dining room, study, a large central family room, main floor master suite, bubbling pond with 5 types of different fish, greenhouse with grown plants, art gazebo, covered car port, and upgraded plumbing, appliances, and electronics. Everything has been lovingly furnished and decorated in soft yellows and greens .. except for the 3 bedrooms upstairs, which has been left unfurnished to allow you to customize to your specific needs. Furnished, this lot costs around 115k simoleans.

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Tutorial: Wrap-Around Porches

After I uploaded my Blue Wrap-Around Porch House, I was asked by a fellow builder to maybe do a tutorial on how to properly make a wrap-around porch.  I’m not much of a tutorial writer, but here you go, BECKYB576.  I hope you find this tutorial somewhat useful.

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Doublemint Twins

In preparation for the new Build-n-Share Neighborhood Project “Summer of Love,” a 60s & 70s theme neighborhood, I have created the original Wrigley’s Doublemint twins, Jayne and Joan!

Download Doublemint Twins

If you would like to see the sim versions, so you can see the various outfits and traits, each of them is also uploaded in my studio.

Double your flavor, double your fun!

Sharp Modern Family

This was my entry for Week #6 of the Build-n-Share Weekly Challenges.  For Week 6, we had to build a house for The Sharps.  The requirements were an in-law unit for Derek Sharp’s mother, Loretta.

Family Wants

A single-story home

No larger than a 40×40 lot (upon further consideration, a LITTLE bigger is OK)

1 main home with 2 BR and 1.5 BA

1 smaller build with a little apartment for Loretta

The Main Home

Interior of the main home in shades of brown, yellow, white/cream, and purple (Special Note: (it says) please no gold. And try to use just these colors as much as possible. You can use them in any hues and combination that looks good to you).

1 master bedroom for Derek and Sheryl

1 bedroom for teen Latoya, with a small reading and study area

A little spot for Derek to exercise. Should be tucked away and not a focal point in the home.

The Smaller House

Apartment for Loretta (elder) with small kitchen, full bathroom, bedroom, and small sitting area for entertaining

An office for Sheryl

Between the two homes

A beautiful garden

A stone path joining the two homes

A small area for outside entertaining with a grill and a bistro table and chairs




Download Lot

I decided to do a modern build as I saw The Sharps as more of a hip trendy family.  I really struggled with it though and started over 3 times.  I finally just had to finish it out since I was running out of time.  I barely made it in by the entry deadline.  And because I had to rush, I didn’t get to decorate as detailed as I liked.

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White Lotus

I love my new custom white lotus tattoo for my sims!!!

Thank you Nevar!!!

The Blue Wrap House

I must say I am really liking how this one turned out.  I worked quite hard on it over the last few days!  After my more masculine attempt at the Contemporary Cabin, I wanted to do something more dainty.  And this was the result!

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Contemporary Cabin

So… this is my latest build. I had a hard time naming this lot because I really didn’t know what to classify it as.. but I guess the best thing to call it style wise is something that’s contemporary, but with a cabin feel to it.

Anyway… for this build, I tried to deviate from my norm and attempted to do something more masculine.  I hope I succeeded, because in the end, the decor didn’t really hold much appeal to me as I do prefer dainty.  I’m hoping it’s just me and other people will like it!

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I have a Twitter account that I don’t really use. I signed up for it awhile back to follow a friend of mine.  It’s just been sitting there though, with pretty much no activity.

I’ve been getting some notices this last week or so that I am being followed by some people I don’t recognize. I am assuming it’s because people have liked my creations on this game and have decided to follow me on Twitter for updates?  If that’s the case,  I will try to remember to update my pretty much inactive Twitter whenever I have a new build, so I don’t disappoint.

Cheers and Happy 4th of July!

Practical Starter Bungalow

Sometimes, I just get an urge to build something small, quick, and cute. The only challenge to starters is the tight budget!

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