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Gnomelandian Treehouse

This was a build that too quite a few days.  I am very happy with the results.  This was built for the Gnomelandia Neighborhood Project as a Build-n-Share challenge.

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This was a real labor of love. I’ve been working on it all week, not only to build, but in play testing, growing a garden to harvest and stocking the pond with 4 different varieties of fish.

My assignment was to build a 1 bedroom treehouse + studio with a femine interior on 16 Maywood Lane.  It took awhile to get the curved bridge right. I had hoped sims would be able to walk over it in live mode, but they can’t seem to. 😦  But it still looks great, so I kept it in. Everything else is very playable.  I admit I “play tested” this lot much longer than usual because I thoroughly enjoyed playing in this lot.  When you’re up in the house, it really feels like you’re in an actual treehouse.  Maybe because it was so compact.

Anyway, here are pictures!

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Serenity Now!

I am officially a SimInterior Designer!

Here is my latest project with them.. a beautiful build by Hinder.  This lot was also nicely landscaped.  I really enjoyed the style of this house, so I had quite a good time decorating it.  Thanks, Hinder!

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IM of the day!

[01:09] nevar530: you bring out the waffle in me

Modern Family

This lot was a collaborative effort. This lot was structurally designed by RavenPisces, furnished and decorated by Anjubee as a SIMInterior Designer.

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Here is a snapshot of the lot I got from RavenPisces.  I liked how the roof was designed.

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Thanks, General Nevar!

Just wanted to do a quick thank you to Nevar530 on TS3, for helping me come up with this kickass simblog name.

Traditional Colonial

This is one of my recent builds, a traditional colonial style house.  I really liked how it turned out.

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Build-n-Share Week #2 Challenge: Cody Klepto

This was week 2’s challenge.  I got 2nd place in the intermediate level and was bumped to the advanced level. =O

This challenge was to create a starter home for a Mr. Cody Klepto, who needed a space that would give him inspiration to practice his “art.”  He also needed a carport and either a basement or attic to store his “things.”  The budget for this was very tight, as it was a starter, so the entire build needed to be under 16k simoleans.

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Hello, sim world!

Decided to start a sim blog so I have a place to post screenshots of my builds and funny sim stories.  I still need to style this blog, but in the meantime, I have chosen this theme because of the little tiny smiley on the very left of the page!  🙂

Build-n-Share Week #3 Challenge: The Padres

This was the challenge

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Exchange Story

Here are all the pictures of the build!

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